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in the process. we take it seriously. >> more than 11 complaints made against the department. this is what the chief is recommending, that two officers be fired, one demoted three undergo counseling and training. 15 suspended. 23 receive written reprimands. there is a process that needs to be followed, including a hearing. this must have final approval by the city administrateor. officers have the right to appeal. the police officer union is very upset about this report. and they say that city officials are -- they blame city officials for not having what they call a clear plan when dealing with occupy-related demonstrations. we'll hear from them at 6:00.
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we'll also hear from mayor kwan. i'm live in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. in san jose the issue is not how police are responding but how long it takes them to get there. only on 7 investigation finds slow response times may be affecting ability of paramed yiblgs to do their jobs in an emergency. david louie is live with the story. >> officials here in san jose city hall and officers on the beat acknowledge they've been getting complaints over slower response times for nonlife threatening calls. in cases response times could be six to seven minutes longer than what the city goal s now there is evidence of slower response times can be putting lives on the line. >> there is already a busy evening with officers investigating a shooting in downtown san jose. then, police notified of an altercation outside of a check
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cashing office. a man was down. a police dispatch log indicates no patrol units were available to respond. the log indicates police were called at 8:26. a fire truck arrived eight minutes later. an officer dispatched 13 minutes later. it look police department 17 minutes to respond on the scene. the fire department had to wait 10 minutes before they can administer cpr. police officers and firefighters working that day talked to us on the condition we conceal their identities stressing it can take a toll on saving lives. >> of this just becomes unrecoverable.
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>> it doesn't end up with a glaring result. >> city officials acknowledge 17 to 18 minutes is a typical response time for a call such as this. the goal is 11 minute buzz that doesn't take into account how firefighters must stage a block or two away. >> this is frustrating. we're trained to save lives and help people. to just sit there is excruciating at times. >> while firefighters waited the victim died. this helps to under score the fact paramedics may be prevented from doing their job because of regulations. the rules bar them from entering into a potentially dangerous situation until a police officer declares this scene safe. >> there is a search and
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rescue place underway for a missing hollister mother. her suv found burning about 2:00 in the morning thursday. she dropped her child off and never showed up to pick up her child that afternoon. calls from her family went unanswered. this is another picture. her family says going missing is out of character for her. they starpted a search and are handing out flyers. >> new at 5:00 san joaquin county sheriff responding to criticism his department made mistakes in searching for human remains. investigators began digging into a well, convicted serial killer wesley shermantine say there may be more victims there. some remains were those of joanne thompson. her mother decided to have remains tested at a lab. results found a bone that did not belong to hobson. the sheriff addressed that discovery.
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>> i wish that never happened. not only initial incident but situation that is developed. so what i can do now is do what i'm doing. get answers and provide those as soon as i can get those answers. >> police have contacted the mother of a missing hayward girl, 9-year-old michaela garecht. they told her the bone belongs to someone in the same age range as michaela. the fbi will handle all future digs in this case. >> two suspects in the murder of a hercules woman were caught in seattle and now being tied to a series of crimes. >> kept pulling on the cord. i was going to wave. hi, mike. hi, suzy. >> mike bar says his murdered neighbor does not deserve to be caught up in what is believed to be a crime spree
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from southern california to washington state. >> after interview was the subjects and... reviewing items that were recovered from the car, they feel we can now refer to these people as suspects. >> the 24-year-old and his wife appeared in court today. they were arrested near seattle yesterday after being chased in ko's subaru. police say darnell escaped with the help of his wife, police believe he wounded a los angeles county sheriff's deputy with a shotgun. king's county prosecutor says a sawed off shotgun and several shells were found in the car when arrested the burning question is what could have led the suspects to the home? do we know how these people ended up crossing paths? i can't discuss that at this time. >> i want to know why they
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picked this house. this court. why did they kill her? why couldn't you have tied her up? took the car? >> answers may come out as detectives begin to pool their information. they're investigating if the pair car jacked and robbed others traveling from southern california to northern california. in hercules, abc 7 news. >> fire investigators say an early morning fire does not appear sus spishus but was damaging. the fire started at 4:40 inside of the squat and gobble cafe. it spread to two businesses and adjoining building. two firefighters suffered injuries. it took crews four hours to contain flames. >> there is a deep building they thought they found the fire. they put out what they saw. >> the fire also shut down a
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muni tunnel in both directions causing long delays for commuters this morning. bridges were put into place until service retire -- restored about 10:00 in the morn lg. a man and woman injured while trying to escape a fire on carlton avenue at 4:00. firefighters had a tough time bringing this blaze under control because live ammunition in the house kept exploding in flames. pets believed to have been in the house when the fire broke out have not been found. sad to say. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> a calendar says fall. right? it's looking like winter in lake tahoe. there is the first snow of the season. just enough to build a little snowman. take a look. heavenly received snow overnight. no snow here but showers, cloudy skies today. spencer christian will be with us shortly to tell us what is in store there. >> tonight the state public
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utilities commission rejecting pg&e request to have rate hay -- ratepayers pay most of the cost to fix its aging pipelines. the cpuc says it wants pg&e to pay 64% of the costs. the utility proposing to pay only 10%. this stems from the deadly san bruno explosion that killed eight people. the plan calls for pg&e to pressure test 783 miles of pipeline around the state. replace 186 miles of it. install 228 automatic shut off valves. pg&e says it's disappointed with the decision. so is the watch dog group saying ratepayers will pay more than half of the cost and customer bills wiz will rise along with pg&e profits. >> in the east bay a jury found clayton's vice mayor guilty of embezzle. joe medrano took 160,000s frdz
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a client intended money to go for worker's compensation. is he running for reelection but convicted felons can not hold office. he's free until sentenced in december. he faces up to four years in prison. >> a lot going on. still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 the tale of a dog that jumped to save two little girls from being hit by motorcycles. she's in need of tlc to recover from what happened. >> also larry ellison eyes his next venture, it could be a ticket he needs. >> you know who is faster going through space? we'll have live coverage of the shuttle endeavor's two miles per hour trek throughout the streets of lngs langs. stay with us. abc 7 news
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here is a great shot. this is a live look at the space shuttle endeavor as it maneuvers through the streets of los angeles. the endeavor is inching its way in no more than two miles per hour squeezing past power lines, poles and driveways. there is a picture of it inching along with people watching. the shuttle is five stories tall weighs 30 elephants. there will be a wow moment later tonight when it is rolled across the 40 5 freeway. it's scheduled to reach california science center at 9:00 tomorrow night. it's two full days of creeping along. >> delicate maneuvering there. listen to this. a secret service officer arrested in miami. police found him passed out drunk on the sidewalk this morning. police woke up the agent they say he became hostile. he's been charged with public
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intoxication and resisting arrest without violence. the arrested officer was not assigned to protect the president. >> a dog that risked its life to save lives two of young girls in the philippines is going to get help. i want to warn you there is video of the dog and injuries are tough to see. kabang threw herself in front of a speeding motorcycle just before it was going to hit the girls. it sacrificed it's snout and upper jaw in this accident. it heroic deeds caught attention of people world wide who raised funds to bring the davis to uc davis veterinary hospital. they will perform two surgeries on her to close the wound without her face. >> police in southern california are not going file
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charges of child neglect against a mom called octumom. she gave birth to okay tup plets. her manager contends charges came from a former care taker who became obsessed with suleman and her children. the district attorney says there was not evidence. >> hundreds of teen-aged girls got a pep talk on how to be confident young women. the girls were from schools in impoferished neighborhoods. leno says many have seen some type of violence firsthand. the confidence works -- the conference, rather, works on building self esteem. >> to better understand challenges in front of them and they have every strength within them selfs to meet every challenge. >> the girls learned about yoga, job skills and how to write a resume. it's been such a success he
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organized a boys only conference as well. >> wonderful opportunity for everybody. when michael finney has a consumer story that involves a lemon he's usually talking about a car. there is a new product known as a citrus spritzer. he put it to the test. >> lobster and crab is how you do it, there. >> it is another lunchtime down at fisherman's wharf. carlos is working the counter. and the crowd. >> come on down, everybody. we've got the best soup, shrimp, crab. we've got everything you want that swims i got them. >> the fish is great but we're here for the condiments. >> we lose use a lot of lemon. >> i'm showing carlos this product called stem. a citrus spritzer promising to allow to you spray directly
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from the fruit. >> wow. >> have you ever seen that? >> no. i haven't. >> i wonder if this works.. >> do you want to try? >> yes. >> it's easy to set up. just jam it into the fruit. and then, spray. >> wow. >> that is -- it works! wow. that is great. all right. now, try it. >> that is the key. isn't it? >> wow. this is beautiful. >> the juice tastes fresh. it feels as if you're spraying from a bottle. the stem is gaining fans. it works on lemon but how about lime? we put it to the test. >> if you want to do something fancy come on. you know? you have a corona right there. come on. you know? just add salt. salt in there. people does. and put a spray. oh, boy.
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pop this now. i'm still working. sorry. >> yes. that would be wrong. i'm michael finney 7 on your side. >> yes. but fun. huh? the cost is only $5 you can order it online by going to abc 7 we want one of those. >> that is cool and weird is these dark gray skies we have today. >> i'm not ready for summer to be over. >> this feels weerld. summer hasn't left us for g it will be returning sunday there. is a live view from our camera. looking at golden gate we can see sunlight throughout clouds there. it's been a dreary-looking day. there right knew -- now you can see clouds lingering with breaks here and there. looking gloomy but that is about to change heading into the weekend. temperature readings now into low 60s across the bay area. uniformed readings.
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cool spot will be san rafael. there is a reading of 59 degrees. mostly cloudy skies tonight and into early morning hours tomorrow. by afternoon tomorrow we'll see at least partly sunny skies. will be milder tomorrow, couldn't get much cooler. will be warmer into next week. satellite radar shows this upper level low brought us unstable weather last couple days pushed well inland to the east. it's still pulling in a little bit of low level moisture. moisture is contained in clouds. not much is hitting the ground. there is no measurable rainfall. there is a weak cold front moving into our direction. let's take a look at the animation to see what happens. start agent 7:00 we'll see clouds and showers to our north coming rather close to the bay area. looks like shower activity remains to our north. then by late morning mid day
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we'll start to see sunny skies. warming begins tomorrow under sunny skies into afternoon. it's going to be a different day from what we're looking at today. overnight tonight clouds linger. low temperatures into low to mid-50s. cooler into north bay valleys. tomorrow south bay sunny skies. highs into low 70s. low 70s on the peninsula. low 60s on the coast. downtown a high of 66 tomorrow. mid-70s into mildest locations upper 60s to low 70s through the east bay. and down near monterey bay 70s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. check out this warm up. low 80s inland. sunday, monday. upper 80s to 90 inland. wednesday thursday, friday. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s on the coast. it's going to be a mid to end of the week next week. thursday niners at home against seahawks.
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yes. sea hawks. going to be a big, big game. will be baseball weather for football. it's not too late to win $49,000 from abc 7. these people want a chance and they have all entered. laurie l and ralph. you can enter heer, too. just go to our facebook page and click win $49,000 button. that will take you to the online form. we'll announce a winner next thursday right after 49ers game right here on abc 7. how can you not root for a guy named ralph? it's true. 63,000 people vying for the money. >> very good odds. >> still to come warrior player lent a big hand to answer call for help in a bay area food bank. >> that is coming up. at 6:00 a's clean out their lockers.
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spencer mentioned it's a bittersweet day in respects for fans. we'll be live to find out about their big plan
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philadelphia eagles quarterback michael vick is confirm he is a dog owner again. he is responding to questions over a picture posted on twitter. look there. it shows a box of dog biscuits on the corner of the table. the picture was deleted and replaced with a similar photo. he says he has a dog well
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cared for and loved. >> larry ellison is looking for more ways to spend his money. he now has sights set on the aeg group. aeg has shares in the los angeles kings and los angeles lakers. owning the company will allow him to buy and relocate an nfl team to l.a.. the bitding will start at $10 billion. a couple years ago he tried to buy the golden state warriors.. >> so billion? yikes. a couple players from warriors took time off to give needy families a big helping hand. richard jefferson helped the food bank assemble food boxes this morning and joined team staff to bring attention to an unexpected spike in need for food during fall and winter months. they expect to provide meals to one in six residents over
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the next few months. >> that is fabulous. >> coming up next another glimpse at a surreal sight. >> moving at five story tall shuttle throughout the streets
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coming up in 30 minutes abc 7 news investigates claims of a blood donor who found out his blood may have been sold. tonight a new medical break through for first time ever paralysis patients are regaining some sensation in their legs. next time your car breaks down call a mechanic that makes house calls.. >> we want to leave you with images of the shuttle moving slowly through los angeles. >> it's a great image. it's on the way to california science center where it will be the star attraction. >> crews are pulling
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